Fall 2013 Wilt is here!

Fall 2013 Wilt is here!
Wilt has always been one of my favorite clothing lines. The simplicity of the pieces make for an effortless look that is perfect for any pair of jeans. The fabric is so soft and comfortable and it always has the perfect fit: just the right amount of a loose fit while keeping some structure to create a figure flattering piece.
The Fall 2013 Wilt collection offers its basic tee’s and sweaters in numerous colors while also adding in some leather details and striped patterns to complement the new season. Take a look at some of the pieces by Wilt that are now available at Redboutiques:
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My maiden name is Wilt. Lots of them in Penna and some in Ohio. Are we related?
My Granddaughter intends to become a fashion designer and will be impressed to hear this news.

Lora WILT Asdorian

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